Crunchy & Funky 8bit 80s Drums

Drumtrax is a collection of high end, tape saturated 24bit drum sounds inspired by the funky 8 bit drum machines of the 1980s. The sounds are reminiscent of Prince / Human League / mid 80s boogie, but with more bite.

Though reminiscent of a Linn, the clap and hi-hats are dirtier (I prefer them) and the rimshot is closer to a TR-707. Classic cabasa, meaty snare, proto-house cowbell, and a warm kick created with the help of an SP-1200 sampler.


arrowsPunchy & Loud Tape Samples
  • Recorded with beautiful gear: Api, Neve & Otari
  • Sounds like: Prince, classic hip hop, DIY Techno
  • Tape Saturated & Unprocessed Digital WAVs
  • Tape drums are punchy & processed
  • Digital sounds are clean, with massive headroom
What's Included
  • 384 Royalty Free 24bit WAV Files
  • Kick, Snare, Rim, Clap, Toms, HH
  • Cabasa, Ride, Cowbell, Tambourine, Crash
  • 16 pitches of each sound
  • The Recording Process

  • Gear Used

  • Money Back Guarantee

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