The Classic Analog Drum Machine Recorded to Tape

The 808 is easily the most recognized drum machine in history. It's responsible for the birth of countless genres - hip hop, electro, techno, house, and a variety of sub-genres too countless to mention. Although it was created in early 1980, it is still extremely relevant and modern sounding, and can be heard on everything from a Lil Jon dirty south radio hit to a LIES techno 12".


We took our 808, recorded it through a huge SSL 4000 console (this board has an incredible dynamics and EQ section, used on countless hip hop records from the 80s on). A lot of the time, people who own an 808 wonder why it doesn't sound like it does on their favorite records. Using this console, you can get a lot closer to that sound. Scroll down to read more about the recording process.

arrowsThe Most Analog 808 Samples
  • 100% analog signal path - no plugin processing whatsoever
  • Deep, fat 808 Kicks processed with the classic Emu SP-1200 Sampler
  • All drums are truly tape saturated (no emulation here)
  • Extensive pitch and processing variations of every drum hit
What's Included
  • 450 Royalty Free 24bit WAV Files
  • All hits feature many variations of tuning and processing
  • 58 classic, analog 808 Kicks - digital, tape, and SP-1200
  • 56 Toms, 45 Claps & 99 Snares
  • 195 additional Hi Hats, Claves, Congas, Cymbal, Maracas, Cowbell & Rimshots
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • The Recording Process

  • Gear Used

  • Money Back Guarantee

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