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  • dx-samples
  • synth-samples
  • 808-samples
  • 909-samples
  • cr-78-samples

Tips & Tricks

How to Add Huge Bass to Any Kick (Without EQ)
August 28, 2015

Have you ever sampled a great sounding kick drum from an old record or drum machine but realized there wasn't enough bass? If you're like me, you've spent countless hours trying to layer a modern sample under it...

How to Create Easy Basslines from Kicks
July 16, 2015

As a mastering engineer and former producer, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to mix with sounds that work well together from the outset, requiring as little processing as possible.

How To Use Sidechain Compression To Make Kicks Cut Through The Mix
March 25, 2015

Learn how to use sidechain compression to make your kick drums cut through the mix. This is a super useful technique for EDM, pop...

Advanced Tips For Creating Drums with Depth
January 30, 2015

Some advanced techniques you can try when you want to push your drums off into the distance of your track and bring other elements to the front.