Raw, Tape Saturated 909 Samples

The 909 is a personal favorite at Samples From Mars. Released in 1984, the 909 went on to define the sounds of Techno, House, and nearly all of their emerging subgenres. The machine's sounds are mostly created through analog synthesis, with the exception of the hi hats and cymbals (which are 6 bit samples and sound awesome). The kick drum alone on this machine is worth the price of admission and sounds outrageous! 


So what makes these 909 samples so special? I recorded it through the legendary SSL 4000 G+ analog console (which was used to mix countless hip hop and house tracks, and costs over $100,000) to a mastering 1/4″ tape machine. After using various high end processing (almost exclusively analog), we edited every sample by hand, and arranged the best ones into corresponding folders, named simply and sorted by pitch. Scroll down to read more and see pics.

The result is a 909 sample pack of raw, punchy drum hits, perfect for all genres of House & Techno. 

arrowsLeagues Above the Free 909 Packs
  • 100% Analog signal path - no plugin processing whatsoever
  • To preserve punch, no normalization has been applied
  • Processed to perfection - no additional mixing required
  • Well organized folders & file-naming compatible with hardware
What's Included
  • 315 Royalty Free 24bit WAV Files
  • 70 Deep & Analog 909 Kick Drums
  • 60 Punchy and Tape Saturated Snares
  • 185 Additional Claps, Hi Hats, Toms, Rims & Cymbals
  • All hits feature many variations of pitch and processing
  • The Recording Process

  • Gear Used

  • Money Back Guarantee

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