The Sample Journal

Welcome to the Sample Journal!

Posted on March 24, 2023 by Samples From Mars

Welcome to the Sample Journal, my friends! This is a fun little space where the SFM team and I (that's Ryan pictured above) can show you what we're up to in between putting out those massive sample packs that take us all year to make! 

The Journal is where we can explore all things samples, processing, audio, stems? - anything really - in a stripped down and informal context. It's a chance to make bitesize, exploratory packs more frequently - essentially the opposite of our traditional products. And we'll always keep the samples here free to low cost (mostly to avoid drowning in bandwidth and service fees). 

Everything in the Sample Journal at time of purchase will be included in the everything bundle, too. Like the everything bundle, this doesn't include future releases. 

Anyways, we're keeping the format intentionally open-eded and will surely be making some tweaks based on your feedback. Let us know what you think !