Download Tips

Download Tips

Please do not try to download all files at once and do not use a download manager.

Unfortunately, due to the size of the download neither of these options work reliably. If you try to do this you'll lose download attempts rapidly. You'll have better success going somewhere with fast internet, starting one file at a time, and slowly adding more as you get successful downloads and files that properly unzip. 

Every order gets 2 download attempts per file and the attempts never expire

So you don't need to download everything right now :)

If you've used all your download attempts, just email us and we will happily re-set them. 

We will do everything we can to make sure you get your samples. Please ask us to reset only if you have 0 download attempts left. 

We are only able to offer 2 download attempts due to cost.

Since the "All Products" is priced so low and contains so many samples (currently over 70 GB) we would actually lose money if we offered more download attempts. And the deal would not exist at all. The files are supposed to be download once, and used offline - unfortunately this is not a cloud that you can download and use our samples from. Please download once and work offline. 

If you are experiencing slow downloads you may need to try again at a different time. 

We use Amazon S3 to serve our downloads - it is very reliable and fast 95% of the time - but occasionally (and depending where you are), 5% of the time your download may be slow. If you are on fast internet and are having a tough time, you may have better luck trying again at a different time. 

Email us with any questions.