About Samples From Mars

Samples From Mars is a drum & synth samples imprint based in Brooklyn, NYC founded by producer / engineer Eddie Mars. This site was created to offer you the most unique instruments at the highest quality. Building software instruments and samples out of rare gear is an art form, and our goal is to inspire you to make the best music possible. 

Every sound is hand crafted, and a huge amount of thought, time, care, experimentation, and inspiration goes into each step of the process. I am a truly obsessed perfectionist and I spend every day doing a combination of this and music production (its weird but awesome).

Tl;dr As a producer I've spent thousands of hours perfecting my signal chain (and spending a small fortune in the process) so I might as well sample a bunch of awesome vintage gear and give it to you guys ! 


Please let us know any comments you might have, any suggestions you'd like to make - you can contact us here.


Eddie Mars aka Teddy Stuart is a Producer & DJ from Brooklyn, NYC. Beginning as an engineer in the major label hip hop / R&B world (garnering credits on several grammy nominated songs), Mars ultimately gave this up to focus on the more underground efforts of house, techno and disco.

As a solo Artist, DJ, Producer and one half of a/jus/ted, he's produced original music, written and released records on labels such as Warp Records, Domino Records, DFA Records, Southern Fried, Uno NYC and more. His music consistently receives praise from Pitchfork and support from artists such as Andrew Weatherall, Tensnake, Mark Knight, and others.  



Original Music

A/JUS/TED Headlining Moma PS1 Warmup