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About Samples From Mars

Samples From Mars is a sample label based in Brooklyn, NYC founded by producer / engineer Teddy Stuart (Formerly Eddie Mars). The team at SFM focuses on capturing the beauty of vintage (and often rare) machines through high end hardware, consoles, tape machines and more, in order to create the highest quality, most useable and inspiring instruments possible.

More than just a sample library preserving the integrity of vintage sound sources, Samples From Mars is a crew of highly experienced musicians, engineers, producers and more, and we strive to impart our own signature sound and story into everything we do. Meaning, we'll make sure to capture the original essence of a drum machine, but we also might flip that sound on its head and create something entirely different (and sometimes contradictory) to what the original machine intended. Making it not just a sample, but a Sample *From Mars 👽

Building software instruments out of rare gear is somewhat of a self-taught, dark art, and it's no secret that it can be a quite laborious process. Each sound is hand crafted and a huge amount of thought, time, care, experimentation, and inspiration goes into every step of the process. We strive for nothing short of perfection.

But our intention here is not just to create instruments for your music, but to share the history of these iconic (and sometimes forgotten) pieces of gear, their role in music, how we go about using them, and what that might mean for your music. This is not just a place for nostalgia - we are truly focused on bringing these sounds into useable, modern contexts.

I'm an obsessed perfectionist and I spend every day working with this gear - I've spent tens of thousands of hours perfecting my signal chain (and spending a small fortune in the process) and Samples From Mars is my chance to share this experience with you.   

Please let us know any comments you might have and any suggestions you'd like to make - you can contact us here.


Eddie Mars aka Teddy Stuart is a Producer & DJ from Brooklyn, NYC. Beginning as an engineer in the major label hip hop / R&B world (garnering credits on several grammy nominated songs), Mars ultimately gave this up to focus on the more underground efforts of house, techno and disco.

As a solo Artist, DJ, Producer and one half of a/jus/ted, he's produced original music, written and released records on labels such as Warp Records, Domino Records, DFA Records, Southern Fried, Uno NYC and more. His music consistently receives praise from Pitchfork and support from artists such as Andrew Weatherall, Tensnake, Mark Knight, and others.  



Original Music

A/JUS/TED Headlining Moma PS1 Warmup