Cosmic Toms, White Noise Snares & Tuned Sub Kicks

The Simmons SDS-800 is a 100% analog 80s drum synthesizer, responsible for the cosmic syn-tom ('beeww beeww') sounds used on countless disco, boogie & reggae recordings. In the 90s, it became re-popularized in the techno world, with the raw, resonant white noise oscillator being used for jarring hi hat and snare programming. And most recently, the Simmons drum sounds have become a signature for punk funk groups like LCD Soundsystem.

So, to capture this machine in the best way possible, I ran it through a warm selection of gear - mostly API preamp & EQ, SSL Compressor, an 1176, and the Otari MTR-12 tape machine. The results sound awesome - these samples are great on their own, but really shine when layered with other samples like the Drumtrax, 808, etc. 

I also tuned a bunch of the sub kicks and toms (with a guitar tuner!) and they work beautifully for basslines and melodic stuff in general.

arrowsWhat's Included:
  • 520 Royalty Free 24bit Tape Drum WAVs
  • 150 Variations of analog syn-toms (dry, compressed, white noise, etc)
  • 125 resonant, punchy white noise snares & hi-hats
  • 120 Chromatically tuned kicks & toms labelled by note name
  • 195 subby & undoubtedly analog kick drums
  • Variations include: pitch bend, decay length, white noise & more
  • Well organized folders & file-naming compatible with hardware
  • Gear Used

  • Money Back Guarantee

  • Money Back Guarantee

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