Demented FX Created From Scratch by Manipulating Computer Data

Raw video game code sounds crazy when you pump it through your computer's audio driver - more devastating than an oscillator from any synthesizer. 

Databending is the process of manipulating digital information meant for one format, like a .jpg image file, within the context of another file format - in this case, .WAV audio. You can think of this as a digital version of circuit bending (when toys and keyboards are purposefully short circuited to produce spontaneous sounds).

Created Digitally + Thickened with Analog Saturation

For this release, LA Based sound designer Skylar Trainor spent months bending 3d models, A.I. brains, graphics engines, VST plugins and his audio driver. The results of these long sessions were then sculpted and layered in Pro-Tools, and sent to Samples From Mars headquarters for extensive analog saturation. We made sure the waveforms became denser and packed with varieties of harmonic distortion. Then, we built a wide variety of custom instrument patches in Ableton, Logic and Kontakt, applying complex FX and modulation routing, creating playable instruments out of the madness. 

The Results:
Cold and glitchy soundscapes, dark ambience, powerful and dirty drums and subs, reverses, and mutli-sampled modulations. These are complex FX that can be used for weird, ambient, avant garde Aphex Twin / Arca style tracks. Or surrounded by analog elements, and more straight forward 4X4 house tracks (Check the demos). Either way, they are totally unique sounds. 

arrowsWhat You Get:
  • 325 x 24 bit 44.1 kHz WAV files compatible with all DAWs
  • 1 x Ableton Live 9.5 Session containing 15 fully mapped samplers 
  • 1 x Ableton Pack containing Midi Clips & Arrangement for 4X4 Demo
  • 16 Kontakt 5 / Logic EXS patches with complex modulation and FX routing
  • 50 x Hard hitting drums, dirty subs, reverses, and drum FX one-hits
  • 275 x Complex FX, modulating soundscapes and glitchy ambience
  • 978 MB Unzipped
  • Requirements: Ableton Live 9.7+ / Kontakt 5.6.5+ Full Version / Logic 9+



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