Databenders_Toolkit Preview

16 Demented Drums from the Databenders Release

Databenders_Toolkit Demo Includes:
  • 1 Ableton Pack containing a 16 sound Drum Rack
  • Drum Rack Macros are fully mapped for weirdness and insane FX
  • Compatible with Live 8 and Live 9
  • (16) 24bit Wav for use with any sampler or DAW
  • Sounds created from scratch by manipulating raw program data
  • Mastered through Hi End 100% Analog Saturation devices
About the Full Release

Databending is the process of manipulating digital information meant for one format, say a .jpg image file, within the context of another file format - in this case, .wav audio. This is basically a digital version of circuit bending, and the results are insanely complex soundscapes unlike anything you've heard.

While most people use databending for visual art purposes (check the release artwork), LA based sound designer Skylar Trainor uses it to create intricate soundscapes and dark ambience. For this release, he spent months bending 3d models, A.I. brains, graphics engines, vst plugins, and even his audio driver. 

The results of these long sessions were then sculpted and layered in pro-tools, and sent to Samples From Mars headquarters for extensive analog processing, mastering and saturation to fatten them up and allow them to sit even better in your mixes. 

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